Starting Out

Hello All,

My name is Kabir. I’ve always been fascinated by history. The different stories that have been told for generations, the dominant narratives forging the way events are remembered forever, and the lessons learned from the past are all important to absorb. Ever since I was a kid, I would research something new in history in my free time. I still do the same thing.

I’ve always been bothered that stories are only known from certain perspectives, especially by way of elementary teaching. Grade school only showed one certain viewpoint – the American one – and we feed our children information that is not well-rounded. As a kid, the only thing my classmates learned about India was the Caste System; Native American history was just a small paragraph in the 1800s; Civil Rights issues ended after the Civil Rights Movement; and so on. I’d like to present alternative views in history, different stories that you may not have heard of.

This all started with my occasional Facebook posts involving random unknown events from history. I’ve typically posted about Native Americans and their history, because my contemporaries (myself included, of course) do not know as much as they should about the turmoil and strife that our nation has put these peoples through. I’ve additionally posted about different events throughout history and usually receive good feedback and some gratitude for sharing new information.

As such, this blog will generally be dedicated to posting about “This Day in History,” or other similar themes that have to do with American history. I may branch out from time to time and explore different areas of the world, but I figured starting with the U.S. is a good launching point.

I love writing candidly, too. Here is a medium where I can express history (properly cited, of course), along with my analyses of different events in a less academic style than the way I am accustomed to writing. I’ll generally try to keep these short, so that it would only take a few moments of your day to learn something new.

I’ll also update the site to make it look nicer and more user-friendly.

Without further ado, here we go. I hope you enjoy reading what I have to write about.

Cordially Yours,


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